I am 17 year old Samantha Rizzuto and science has fascinated me 
                      since the time I was a young child. I can remember my dad taking me
                      to the park to launch rockets, getting a telescope for Christmas, and
                      growing crystals with my younger sister. All these hands-on fun 
                      activities that my parents made available to me were the spring board
                      into my passion for math, science, and engineering. As I got older, I
                      joined a robotics team, the TARGET engineering camp at Rutgers,  a
                      Sally Ride camp hosted at MIT, and my middle school’s science
                      league. The more exposure to the sciences I received the more sure I 
                      became that I wanted to pursue a career in the engineering field. It as
                      for this reason that when high school came around, I decided to apply 
                      for the Academy of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering on the 
                      Morris Hills’s campus. I was fortunate enough to test in, and look 
                      forward to my sophomore year. Because I have such a strong love for 
                      the sciences, I would like to pass it down to younger students so they 
                      too will be interested in pursuing a career in a math or science based 


                         I'm Rebecca Fang and I am 16 going on 17 years old. I attend the 
                         Academy of Math, Science, and Engineering in Morris Hills. All 
                         three of these subjects focused on in the academy spark great interest 
                         in me! I really enjoy performing and learning from different 
                         experiments. Also, I love playing the piano and singing! Diving into 
                         music is something that's so different from studying and it is 
                         refreshing. I run three seasons of track and I really enjoy the sense of 
                         accomplishment I reap from it. I am bilingual and can write/speak 
                         fluently in both Chinese and English. I am an extremely well-rounded 
                         individual with a passion for the sciences and I would love the 
                         opportunity to instill a love for science and math in students younger
                         than me.


                        My name is Angelina Rizzuto.  I am a 16 years old.  Ever since 
                        I was a little girl I would follow my parents around asking, "What's 
                        this?” or “How come this happens?” Due to these constant questions 
                        my dad created a little game we used to play in the morning called, 
                        “The Science Question of The Day.” In the morning, my sister and I 
                        would come up with a question for my dad to answer, such as, “Why 
                        is the sky blue?” or “What are bubbles?” My father never failed to 
                        fascinate and impress me with his knowledge of the world. I used to
                        dream of being as smart as he was. I always worked hard in school, 
                        especially in science class, so that I could be smart like him. Eventually
                        my hard work paid off in middle school when I was chosen to be in 
                        honors science. I loved conducting labs and learning about our universe 
                        so much that I decided to join my schools Earth Science League Team. 
                        I plan on continuing to improve my knowledge of science this year by 
                        attending high school at The Academy of Health Care Sciences. My 
                        personal goal for this program is to help encourage younger students to 
                        learn about science in a fun way! 


                                                         Biography Coming Soon


                                                           Biography Coming Soon

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                        I’m Brandon Sookraj. I was always a major math geek, and as my
                        schooling progressed, so did my interest in science, specifically in
                        architecture, engineering and electricity. Regardless of failed
                        experiments, I persevered. I entered the Jr. Solar Sprint Competition
                        and created a solar powered car to race. Unfortunately, my car won 
                        neither in the race nor in its design. It was still a fun experience. In
                        both the seventh and eighth grade, I participated in something called 
                        “Math Day” at my local high school in which the strongest math 
                        students competed in Math based contests. It was a lot of fun, and I
                        even won a few prizes. I have taken part in a few science fairs. In my
                        second science fair, my group had created a hovercraft capable of 
                        carrying two teenagers (or about 200 lbs). All in all, I’ve basically loved
                        science and math, from the time I was a child playing with blocks, and
                        look forward to imparting that same love into younger children.

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